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resolutions clockIt’s about time for those New Year’s resolutions! There’s less than 5 days left in 2016 – and that means time is running out. Nearly everyone comes up with at least two or three resolutions at the end of a year, but how many people make a point to stick to them? A couple years back, Forbes found that just 8% of people stick with their resolutions. Probably a bit of a shocker for every person who is adamant that they’re going to follow through this time.

What are the most popular resolutions? Plenty of people swear to get fit, to swear less, to spend more time with family. But which ones are the top of the top, the repeat resolutions? Ones that friends and family alike trot out year after year, time after time – with no results? Let’s take a look, and see if you can spot any familiar ones. Who knows – maybe you’re the repeat offender.

Lose Weight/Stay Fit

A complete surprise to absolutely no one, the #1 promised, and subsequently discarded, resolution revolves around personal health and fitness. Sure, everyone means well when they proclaim that this will be their year for dropping those extra 20 pounds or starting a gym habit – but oh, how easily we all forget.

Quit Smoking

A tricky habit to break even for the best. In the end, breaking a resolution is easier for most people.

Spend Less Money

Another hard to break habit, considering most people don’t believe their spending to be any kind of issue. You can’t exactly spend less money if you don’t have a good idea of how much you’re hemorrhaging in the first place.

Spend More Time With Family

A disappointing resolution to break, but a common one nonetheless. Perennially, this promise is broken because there’s always something else that comes up – work, hobbies, friends. Most people, it seems, find it easier to attempt this resolution again “next year.”

Eat Healthier

Usually, this resolution goes hand in hand with staying fit and losing weight – and it’s just as easily set aside. Let’s face it, ditching unhealthy eating habits for balanced meals and less sugary/fatty foods is much easier said than done. Regardless, this is a resolution better met sooner rather than later.

Are you considering any of these resolutions for 2017? For our would-be fitness planners, perhaps a fitness bracelet would be a good idea. And if you can’t spend time with family, maybe calling them more often would be a fair compromise, for the time being. If none of those suit you, there are plenty of other police auctions on to help you push through your resolutions.

Get ready for 2017 in the time we have left! Good luck, and happy bidding!

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