Spotlight Saturday: December


Spotlight Saturday – that time of month when we take time to showcase some interesting items from the past few weeks, and offer a sneak peek at some of the cool ones coming soon! We’ve got a couple interesting auctions to share, and you’ve probably seen a couple of them on the main site if you’ve kept your eyes peeled.

Hearse Spotlight

spotlight hearse

A definite attention-grabber, we had a genuine 1970 Cadillac hearse, complete with a decorative tombstone, fake flower arrangement, and a full-sized casket to boot! The front driver’s side boasts “The Graveyard Shift Says No to Drugs and Alcohol,” sending a clear message to anyone who takes a second glance. A hearse is certainly an interesting addition to the online car auction catalog, and with the amount of attention it got, it seems our bidding base agreed. Anyone need a spare hearse?  Or anyone just want bragging rights for a 1970s Cadillac? We’ve got that base covered.

It’s hard not to wonder what this kind of hearse was used for, considering the fake flowers and driver’s side decal. Community scare tactics for new drivers? Annual Halloween prop? Take your best guess – and take a look while you’re at it!

Ludwig Banjolele Spotlight

spotlight banjoleleIt’s a banjo….it’s a ukulele….it’s both! Originally mistaken for a regular run-of-the-mill banjo, an eagle-eyed member of the squad correctly identified this gem for what it really is. In the mood to sit on the back porch in the middle of summer and strum some tunes? Covered. Want to bask in some Hawaiian music? Still covered!

1887 $1 PF-68 CAMEO Gold Liberty NGC TOP POP

spotlight coinA rare find in the rough, this 1887 is one of a few. With a mintage of 1,043, a great many of these coins were mishandled long before even leaving the mint. As a result, high grade instances of this coin are hard to come by, and not cheap to obtain. In relation to the mintage, the date of this coin in a rarity indeed – it’s believed that less than 200 pieces exist in any grade today.

Rare indeed! A must-have for coin collectors high and low, and an attention-grabber on the site. Are you a rare coin lover? It might be a good idea to check this prize out before someone else scoops it up!

Are you a lover of peculiar instrument combinations, rare coins, and off-the-wall auctions? Do you have any other strange items that tickle your fancy? Tell us in the comments! Until next time, as always – good luck, and happy bidding!

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