Win A Wager Day, and Other Famous Bets

win a wager day betsWhen it comes to winning a wager, there’s no greater champion than Phileas Fogg – the stellar main character from Around the World in Eighty Days, for whom this day commemorates. For those of you unfamiliar with the book and the famous wager, Londoner Fogg makes an attempt to circumnavigate the Victorian-era world in eighty days or less (hence the title) for a prize of £20,000 – about £2 million in modern money, or $2,465,400 USD. And for that kind of prize, who wouldn’t take a stab at it? And, spoiler alert, he succeeds.

Today is heralded as ‘Win A Wager Day’ for the set return date for Fogg and his friends to return to London – December 21st, 1872. It has since become a day to celebrate all kinds of wagers, from the highly successful to the disastrous, from the mundane to the spectacular. Everyone knows of at least one ridiculous bet, either as a participant or someone on the sidelines. We’ve taken the time to compile a collection of ridiculous wagers, crazy bets, and videos of dares – all for your enjoyment. And as always, we’ve included a related list of ongoing and future auctions, because why risk money or dignity on a dare when you can win an auction in your spare time?

Think of any fun bets or winning wagers worthy of a mention? Drop us a line in the comments!

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Rolex President Ladies Watch (to make sure you’re back in London on time)

Morganite and Diamond Ring (for flashing once you win your bet)

1921 Alabama Commemorative Silver Half Dollar (to add to your collection)

Specialized Roubaix Pro Road Bike (for getting over the more rugged sections of your global trek)

Have you won any spectacular bets of your own? Ever placed any? Tell us! Our comments section is always open. Until next time, good luck, and happy bidding – and happy holidays!

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