March’s Top Auctions By Category

March is over, and April is here – but we’re not quite done talking about March yet. As most of our bidders know, we have thousands of auctions starting and ending on our site throughout the month – and some of these are popular beyond anything you could imagine. So we’ve put together a post about our top 5 most popular auctions from our top categories, from the month of March, from start to finish.


March’s Top Auctions

#1 march top auctions_1

What Is It?: Platinum & 18kt Gold 7g 3.8cts T.W. Diamond Engagement Ring – Evaluated By Independent Specialist (check out the video!)

Number of Bidders: 22
Number of Watchers: 45
Winning Bid: $25,309.00e




#2top auction 2
What Is It?: Patek Philippe 570 Calatrava 18kt Gold Black Leather Watch – Evaluated By Independent Specialist (check out the video!)

Number of Bidders: 17
Number of Watchers: 55
Winning Bid: $11,445.00





#3top auction 3

What Is It?: Chanel Light Pink Flap Bag Style A67085 (check out the video!)

Number of Bidders: 7

Number of Watchers: 24

Winning Bid: $3,503.00



#4top auction 4

What Is It?: 1889 CC Morgan Silver Dollar extremely high grade very rare

Number of Bidders: 6

Number of Watchers: 5

Winning Bid: $2,880.00




#5top auction 5

What Is It?: Berberyan, “The Truth” Original Mixed Media on Canvas with COA.

Number of Bidders: 1

Number of Watchers: 1

Winning Bid: $2,013.00




So what did you think? Were there any auctions that surprised you? Or were the top 5 category auctions from March exactly what you were expecting? If you have any feedback, leave it in the comments – we love hearing from our bidders and readers! Until next time, good luck, and happy bidding!

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