Returns Medical Equipment To Physician is an online police auction site that focuses on helping public agencies sells stolen, seized, and surplus items. From time to time we come upon items where we’re able to return the item to its rightful owner. Here’s an account of a customer success story that had a VueTek Vascular Imager stolen from them.

I know you may not know what this is; it’s simply a device that allows clinicians to detect difficult to see veins, valves, bifurcations, and possible hematoma on patient types ranging from neonates to elderly, darker skin, obese, as well as those with compromised vasculature. We had a loyal customer bid and win the VueTek Vascular Imager but found out that the item was unable to be used because it was stolen and already registered under another company name in the database.

So like a Good Samaritan they reached out to us and we worked with the manufacturer and the company who had the item stolen to have it properly returned. We refunded the customer who purchased the item and also shipped the item to the original owner. Through the whole process communicated with the police agency, who’s our client, to verify it was the original owner stolen item, the manufacturer of the VueTek Vascular Imager and the winner of the auction (customer). prides itself on customer service and wanted to share this story to show how our customer service department works diligently to resolve issues. Here are four things to consider if you have had an item stolen and are looking for it on

1. Strategic Method to Search For Items:

  • Check back with often!
  • Use the search bar; this is helpful if you’re trying to recover a specific item (i.e.; VueTek Vascular Imager)

2. Steps That Are Taken After You Find The Item On

3. Tips on Working With Customer Support: 

  • The more information you can provide, the better!
  • Let us know the listing number or item number of the auction you’re referring to.
  • Did your item have any special markings, engravings, attachments, or qualities that made it unique to you? If so, let us know!
  • If you have a picture you took of the item, or better yet – a photo of you with the item, feel free to include that when you reach out to Customer Support.
  • If your long lost item has a serial number, let us know what it is so we can see if it matches the one you saw at auction.
  • If you previously filed a lost of stolen report with your local police department, provide a case number.
  • Once you’ve given us what you’ve got, we will have our Processing Center check to see if your details match the item that’s at auction.
  • If a match is determined, the auction is closed.

4. What’s The Process & Steps In Order To Have An Item Returned?

  • will contact the originating agency.
  • Originating agency will then determine release of item and with help of, coordinate return to them for release to the owner, or advise a direct return to original owner.

Hopefully this will help if you ever have an item stolen and want to track it own online. Also beware of your surroundings and consider the top 10 most stolen items in the U.S.

most stolen items in the U.S..

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