Creepy Friday the 13th!

creepy friday the 13thCreepy, creepy Friday the 13th! It doesn’t come around all the time (last time was March of 2016 – and before that, in February, March and November of 2015), and people prepare for it in the strangest of ways. Avoiding ladders, running away from black cats (for no good reason, really), and covering themselves in the strangest variety of good luck charms. You can never be too safe, apparently.

Here at, though, we’ve taken the time to pull up our most promising Friday the 13th-appropriate police auctions. Do you want to embrace the creepy, or run away from it as fast as you can? Take a look at what we’ve got put together for you, and make your call.

1999-gmc-sierra-brooklyn-ny-11214-1_91201716325492223377Have a soft spot for sketchy-looking trucks that look like they’ve seen their fair share of rough times? We’ve got a truck for you – a 1999 GMC Sierra. Almost 20 years old, there have certainly been better times. Wouldn’t you think this truck wouldn’t be out of place on a horror movie set, or in the background of a zombie flick?

Put a bid or two down on this vehicle, and maybe take it home. Or, you know, take it with you when you go hunting in the woods, in the middle of the night, in the dark of winter. Use it to scare younger family members who like to openly flout curfew rules – the possibilities are limited by your imagination only!

1028-001683_0More of a jewelry person? Don’t worry, there’s something for everyone in the Friday the 13th bag of goodies. For those in our bidding base looking to live deliciously, we have a lovely Satanic goat head necklace. It’s not made of any precious metals, but considering how perfectly the goat horns pull any outfit together, does it really need to be? And if you really want to mix things up, you can switch out the standard chain for a sterling silver one and make an even bigger splash!

Win this pendant, and you’ll be sure to turn heads – no pun intended! Wear it to birthday parties, first dates, or even floating meetings in the middle of the woods. And if it’s not your thing, we understand. This creepy piece also makes the perfect gift for the right kind of person.


Happy Friday the 13th! Go watch some movies, carry a lucky rabbit’s foot, and good luck bidding!

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