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Pi Day is upon us! It’s the perfect time to talk about this very special number and we have just the facts for the curious bidder on the move. Is pi only 3.14? What does it represent? We have some fun info on this nifty number, so stay tuned!

pi day postSlice of Pi Facts

  • Pi Day celebrations saw their beginning with physicist Larry Shaw, who started celebrating Pi Day at the San Francisco Exploratorium back in 1988.
  • Celebrations on this day include pie eating, pie baking, and pie throwing contests are the norm.
  • To date, pi has been calculated to 10 trillion decimal places.
  • Pi is the symbol used in mathematics to represent a constant — the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.
  • Most scholars agree that the true ancient pronunciation of ‘pi’ is actually ‘pee.’
  • Did you know that there’s an entire language based around pi? There’s a dialect known as Pilish, where the numbers of letters in successive words match the digits of pi.
  • The symbol for pi has only been used routinely for the past 250 years.
  • What else is going on today? It is also Albert Einstein’s birthday, along with the birthdays of Apollo 8 Commander Frank Borman, Astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli, and astronaut Gene Cernan.

Do you consider pi as fascinating as the general community at large? How many digits do you have memorized? Do you participate in any Pi Day celebration? Let us know in the comment! Until next time, good luck and happy bidding!

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