Clean Off Your Desk Day!

clean desk day 0109Who can remember the last time they took the time to clean their desk? Not just wiping up coffee stains or lunch crumbs, but actually cleaning it – throwing away or recycling old or unused papers, ditching broken and empty pens, the works? If you’re not someone who’s taken the time, it’s not a problem. After all, that’s what today is for!

While you’re at it, today’s also a great day to remove all the frustrating aspects of your workspace. It’s a new year; why should you tolerate all of last year’s frustrations again? Do you have a buggy monitor with dead pixels all over the screen like a constellation? You could use today as an excuse to get a monitor that better suits you – as in, no dead pixels, favorable brightness, everything you could ask for. And you don’t need to straight-up junk your old monitor; there are plenty of options. Aren’t you starting to feel more clean and refreshed already?

Maybe your issue isn’t the monitor – it’s your keyboard. You’ve spilled your fair share of coffee onto it (who hasn’t?) and you don’t even want to think about all the Cheeto crumbs that, over the years, have simply become part of your keyboard’s wiring. It’s a good keyboard; it does its job. But, y’know, the space bar is starting to stick, and some keys don’t feel like responding at all anymore. Snagging a new one could give your workspace the boost it needs – and give you more incentive to keep things clean.

There are plenty of reasons to keep your desk clean and keeping your tools (whatever they may be) in top shape. You can keep yourself from losing both time and important items by making an effort to just be slightly more clean in your habits. Stay fresh, and stay on top of things. Until next time – have a great day, a great start to the work year, and happy bidding!

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