Hidden Gem Treasures

Hidden stones? Indeed! How would you feel to know that there are secret deals all over the site? It’s not a lie, and it’s not an exaggeration by any means – auctions you pass by could contain hidden rubies, sapphires, peridots, and more!

hidden gems 03.08You see, at PropertyRoom.com, we don’t like classifying items with certain descriptors unless we can fully verify everything beyond a shadow of a doubt. We run jewelry through special machines to check their gold and silver content, we set aside the most noteworthy pieces aside to be verified by an independent specialist, and we use a gem tester to check out all the suspected diamonds on any ring, necklace, or bracelet – we don’t let any CZs pass for the real diamonds.

We check all gemstones that come our way – but what do we do if the gem tester doesn’t give a conclusive answer as to the composition of the stone? As we’ve said before, we’ll never try to claim an item to be something it’s not, so we say – better safe than sorry – and will not use a label that not 100% proven. So what does that mean for our bidders? Hidden gems all across the jewelry categories, often described as ‘blue stones,’ ‘red stones,’ etc. Of course, there are just plain non-precious stones described the exact same way – we’re not guaranteeing all auctions described as such will have a secret ruby or sapphire or another gemstone. However, there is still a very real chance that an item described as containing a ‘purple stone’ could very well be a genuine amethyst, or that a ‘green stone’ could be jade or emerald.

Have you snagged a steal of deal before, using this trick of the trade? What are some other times you’ve won big while paying out little? Let us know in the comments! Until next time, good luck – and happy bidding!


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