Valentine Prep: Countdown

valentine prepValentine celebrations? They’re getting closer! As all the Christmas and New Year decorations come down, they’re replaced with an explosion of red and pink. Cutesy heart shaped decorations, pictures of fat, winged cherubs – the works. We know how Valentine’s Day goes by now. It’s coming, and it’s coming fast.

How do you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day? With desserts, movies, and drinks? Do you go out to dinner, or do you stay in? Do you prefer going out with a special someone, or is it a group celebration? Whatever your choice, has a list of great Valentine’s Day ideas to make this upcoming romantic holiday a great one.

Valentine Celebration Ideas

  1. Rent and watch romantic films from the old Hollywood days.
  2. Whether you’re with a significant other or a group of friends, taking a shot at trying to write the sappiest love letters you can imagine is great fun too!
  3. Baking pros and baking beginners alike can have fun testing out these sweet desserts.
  4. Not big on sugary things? Why not a heart shaped pizza?
  5. Separated from the people (or person) you’d like to celebrate with? Send a sweetheart care package!
  6. Try out these pink and red secret Starbucks drinks – and figure out which one is the best.
  7. Wine bar crawl? For the people not interested in a single sit-down dinner, this is a perfect plan.
  8. Obnoxious karaoke is always on the menu.
  9. Dogs and drinks? Allow us to introduce you to Yappy Hour.
  10. For the person who isn’t into Valentine’s Day even a little bit – pizza, beer, and a movie with friends. Though, this could work even for the people into low-key Valentine’s Days.

This isn’t all we have to say on this special day for love and romance – we have another post coming up at the beginning of February, and for the big day itself. Do you have some cool ideas of your own that you’d like to share with us? Post in the comments, and let us know! Until next time – good luck, and happy bidding!

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