Area 51½ – Our Newest Client

Area 51 – everyone’s heard of it at least once, and we’re pleased to announce Area 51 ½ as’s newest client. Any alien enthusiasts among our bidder base? Or perhaps any conspiracy theorists?

We’re certainly excited about the possibilities that come with a client like Area 51 ½. Everyone has heard of Area 51, but Area 51 1/2* is a lesser known area where we can only imagine the mysteries hidden behind their closed doors. Here are some things we do know about the area surrounding Area 51 and 51 1/2 – at least, the things we’re allowed to share.

The Area around Area 51 and 51 1/2

  • It has been said that Area 51 found its beginnings during the period of the U-2 aircraft development.
  • The location was once known by a more enticing name – Paradise Ranch.
  • Groom Lake, a dry salt flat, is part of the government installation. The closest civilian vantage point is 26 miles from Groom Lake – closer points were shut down in the late 90s due to people taking photos of Area 51.
  • Even though U-2 operations at the site ended in the 1950s, other military aircraft were tested afterwards.
  • Currently, it is not fully known what is going on at the location, though many speculate that work on stealth weapons and other devices has continued.

Want to learn more about our new client? Take a look here if you have any unanswered questions remaining. Until next time – good luck, and happy bidding! We’ll catch you on the extraterrestrial highway!

*We cannot confirm or deny if there is actually an Area 51 1/2.

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