Simply Absurd


We’ve all had our more absurd moments. Some of us, more than just ‘moments’ – possibly more like weeks, months, years. There are those of us who embrace the absurd, and the lifestyle that comes with it. And why not? Certainly, there’s more than a fair share of fun to be had with the absurd. Enough so that today was declared National Absurdity Day, giving everyone their chance to get weird.

At, we get our fair share of the absurd. A little bit more than our fair share, to be perfectly honest. Most of the time, we’re able to put them up to share with everyone, and give people a chance to bid and snag them for their own strange collection. But every now and then, we get really weird goods we can’t put up for sale, for a myriad of reasons. Take, for example, this dreadlock pendant that was shipped our way recently:


I don’t know about everyone else,  but this one is a first. Very unique! But definitely very strange. Is there a secret market for human hair accessories that we’re not aware of? Unfortunately, this item is also considered a biohazard, and we’re not going to put our customers at risk by selling it. Quite the conversation piece, though.

Or maybe human hair jewelry isn’t your thing, and you’re more interested in….say, coins. We’ve had some strange coins come our way too. Like this coin featuring a zombified Queen Mother:


We’ve actually had a couple of those come through. Zombification is certainly catching on, it would seem…

If weird news is your thing, check out these news stories from The Onion, and a few strange factoids from Mental Floss. And, of course, for those of you who’d like to take a good look at some bona-fide strangeness, we’ve got some goodies for you. Perhaps you’d like to try your hand at taking one home?

And for those of you that’ve been around for a while, why don’t you refresh our memory – tell us about the strangest auctions you’ve seen. Was it the Victorian mourning jewelry? Or was it the Estonian Firefighter’s badge mixed in this peculiar lot? Drop a line in the comments!

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