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At PropertyRoom.com, we know your time is valuable, and you might not be to be near your phone or computer to actively watch every auction you’d like. For those bidders with a busy schedule, we have ProxyBid.

So what exactly IS ProxyBid? We know how regular bidding works, when you manually place every individual bid, but this our option for people who can’t do that. ProxyBid is a bid automatically placed by the auction system for you, based on the Maximum Bid Amount that you set for the particular auction ahead of time. This is an easy way to automatically bid on your items without having to enter them one by one. So now that we know what it is, how does it work?

Once you found an auction you’d like to bid on and are ready to bid, just click on the ‘Bid Now’ button to view the Bid Review Page and enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the auction – don’t forget your decimal point! Click on ‘Place Bid,’ and our ProxyBid system does the rest for you!

If you are outbid, the ProxyBid system will place a higher bid for you – but no need to worry, the system is designed to bid the lowest amount required for you to win the auction. This process continues automatically for you as long as higher competing bids are placed. The system will only stop bidding for you when you’ve won the auction OR it reaches your maximum bid amount.

It’s bidding even while you’re busy, and never missing an auction! Good Luck & Happy Bidding!


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