Precious Metals: Silver & Gold

precious metalsSilver and gold – precious metals worth singing about. You don’t have to be a professional jeweler or silversmith to understand that silver and gold are desirable, valuable precious metals to have. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance for a sterling silver¬†pendant necklace, or a 14kt gold ring? Of course, specific brand names and equally-desirable stones don’t hurt, but most people recognize the value in these items right when they hear ‘gold’ and ‘silver.’

How much would you say you know about silver and gold? Do you consider yourself a pro, or are you admittedly lacking in silver and gold wisdom? Whatever your knowledge level, we at have taken the time to compile a list of silver facts, and a list of gold facts – along with links to more-than-relevant auctions, for all interested parties!

Silver Facts

  • Silver is a better conductor of electricity than copper! But due to the high cost, it is not used in electrical wiring.
  • Silver tarnishes quite easily in both air and water.
  • China, Peru, and Mexico are the current top producers of silver.
  • There are many different pagan religions that associate silver with feminine power and energy.
  • All through history, silver has been used in all sorts of works – from coin-making to photography, and medicine to dental prosthetics.

Gold Facts

  • Gold was found all over the ancient world – Celts wore dental implants made of gold, Ancient Chinese emperors were buried with gold items, and more!
  • Astronaut helmets come with a visor coated with gold to protect from harmful UV rays.
  • The largest gold bar in the world weighs 551lbs.
  • It has been found that earthquakes can (and do!) turn water into gold.
  • Many believe that at least 80% of the world’s gold is still buried.

Did you learn anything new? We hope you enjoyed our silver and gold fact posting! If we left out anything you think is worth sharing (about these precious metals), drop a line in the comments! Until next time, good luck, and happy bidding!

Precious Metal Auctions

14K White Gold 6.50 Grams 1.52 Carats t.w. Diamond Wedding Set

14K Yellow Gold 5.78 Grams 0.50 Carat t.w. Round Diamond Modern Design Solitaire Ring

12.0g Silver Jewelry, 4 Pieces

42.2g Silver Jewelry, 4 Pieces


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