A Watch Buying Guide For Collectors

Many people say the essence of time is with the man who wears it. In order to truly master time you must have a way to know the time. No matter what form of time management you practice this will always remain true. As a watch collector you’re always put in situations where you will be dealing with different kinds of timepieces. A Watch is one of the most common objects that we have in our everyday lives. We wear them as a symbol of representation of the essence of time. Watches help put into perspective why we should value every single second of life because of it’s ability to see how quick time flies.There not only for adornment but have served their purpose as a very useful tool as well, even in the ancient times.Watch Buying Guide

So here’s a watch buying guide for collectors — men, listen up!

Watches evolved from the portable spring driven clocks in 15th century Europe to what we are wearing on our wrist today. The invention of the mainspring in the early 15th century paved the way for watches to emerge as a timepiece in everyday society. Peter Henlein is often credited as the inventor of the watch. It was also said that the early watches were not worn to tell time because of accuracy issues. They were worn as jewelry for the nobles.

Since its invention, watches are usually worn by men for many purposes. Up until now, even though watches for women have emerged in the market, most watches resembles the masculinity of time essence. Time may just be one of the least reasons why most men love to wear watches. Luxury, fashion and trend could be their main concern. A time will come in every gentleman’s life when he will start to value time. For most men, they really consider buying watches on a seasonal basis, where they can boast different editions or generations.Rolex Watch

If you love wearing different designer brand watches you should consider building a watch collection. A collection will allow you to be prepared for any type of occasion. Lets compare a FitBit and a Rolex. They both serve there purpose and are great in their own unique ways. When selecting a watch you should always conduct research first. Think about your own personality, style and of course your financial limitations.

It is important that you decide and buy something you want and love. If you just want to spend $10,000 for your watch then you have the wrong mindset when it comes to building an investment grade collection of watch. You must visualize the path that you want to go, you can either ask yourself these questions to guide you:

– Should I buy automatic, manual or quartz watches?

– Should I go for a new watch? Or should I consider buying vintage watches? 

– How much will the watch depreciate in value? Whats the popularity of the name brand?

Like the typical decisions you have in your life, it is best that you keep it simple and steady. Keep in mind that over sized and over-styled watches serve no real purpose and aren’t comfortable.

 Now, after reflecting on the style of watch you need or desire you should then consider your starting price point. Weather it’s $500? Or $1,000 What should you get first? It is advisable that you consider getting a vintage watch first. You can get a higher quality watch for a lower price than some cheap new watch and usually they will hold their value because they have already lost the initial depreciation from when they were purchased. It’s not a bad start right? But always remember that this requires a lot of patience and research. You can still get some great deals out there with a wide range of brands and styles. Usually, watch enthusiasts recommend purchasing from a reputable dealer to make sure your purchasing an authentic watch. Make sure that the vintage piece you is either appraised or has proof it’s authentic. Some things you can check for is receipt of initial purchase or check the serial number online.Watch Box

Of course, when building a watch collection you will have to protect you collection and treasure each watch. One of the most important parts of having a watch collection is regular scheduled maintenance and cleanings so they will remain in mint condition. You can perform research in forums or go ta a jewelry store. Most of them can clean your watch and adjust your watch to fit your wrist.. From the very beginning, you must decide if you want your collection to be worn or just for keeps. You should wear your watches at some point if you are probably putting money on these as investments. If you chose to wear your watches, you must keep them in running order. Most batteries nowadays lastfor three to five years. But most of the time, it is the best to bring them to an expert. This also will give you the chance to have the watch checked and cleaned professionally. However, if you opt to regularly wear your watches, you must safely store them; most preferably in their original cases and place them in a chest like drawers or a box built specifically for storing watches in a cool, dry and dark environment. Keep them neatly arranged and do not let the watches touch. If you don’t have the original box, and want to go to somewhat extreme measures, store your watch in a cigar humidor box. In this case, humidity and temperature can be set up optimally to preserve your watch.

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