5 Ways To Know Authentic Watches From Fake Watches

Have you ever been taken advantage of and bought something fake? The feeling sucks and can have a toll on your wallet to say the least. If you’re an avid watch collector you may already know how to shop for authentic watches and detect flaws in fake watches. If you’re not then here are 5 things you should consider when purchasing an authentic designer or luxury watch.

Check Authentic Watches Price

When purchasing authentic watches you should expect to pay an relative price for your watch. You can view the average price a watch goes for by checking reputable auction houses or established online auction websites. They both usually have historical data to show how much a particular watch brand sells for. Even used watches tend to sustain a certain level of value, so it’s price point levels off due to the quality of top luxury watches.

Signature Traits in Watches

Every designer watch has it’s own character traits that makes it stand out. Whether your fascinated by the gears, craftsmanship, or simply your loyal to a specific watch designer; understand the top signature traits to look for. Most authentic watches contain a hologram on the bottom of them with a traceable serial number.

Check Watches Serial Numbers Online

The serial number should also be on the watch itself and on the case of the watch. If you can find all three of these you can rest assured it’s most likely an authentic watch and not a fake. Whenever there is a luxury brand selling a expensive item there are always companies making fakes close behind. Omega is the number one source to look up the serial number on vintage watches. You can also search the production dates for specific watch brands and models to find out what the real serial number range should be.

Check Paperwork On Watches

When it comes to keeping receipts and paperwork you may have a bad habit of throwing them away. Watch collectors care about the provenance that come when the original watch pieces are all together. These can include the original box, receipt, watch cushion and in some cases a cardboard card with the serial number. It should be noted receipts can be worthless if not purchased from a reputable dealer. One way to know if a watch is real 90% of the time is to simply look to see if the watched has been appraised,  If it has been through this process, more than likely the watch has been opened and the guts of the watch has been thoroughly examined.

Authentic Watch

Know Your Sellers History

A reputable dealer can help save the headaches associated with purchasing vintage designer watches from 3rd party dealers. When buying online, most website allowing dealers to sell encourage feedback from previous feedback which helps to filter out bad eggs. Here at PropertyRoom.com we help take away the hassle of checking to know if a watch is authenticated because under statute is illegal for government property rooms to do so. All fake items are destroyed. Going forward do your research and consider looking for great deals on watches with online jewelry auctions instead of buying new.

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