Sapphires in September

Even though it might not feel like it for many people, September is finally here, and fall will be here in time as well. That means it’s also a fine time to talk about the deep blue birthstone, sapphire. It’s hard to find anyone who has an unkind word about sapphires – the dark blue is a universally flattering shade, and it’s a versatile stone.


To celebrate sapphires, we’ve put together a fun fact sheet to chat a bit about the finer points of such a gorgeous stone. So without further ado…

Fun Facts about Sapphires

  • Sapphires get their color from elements in the mineral corundum. The gemstone becomes blue sapphire when it contains iron and titanium, while chromium turns the stone into a ruby.
  • The word sapphire is from the Greek word sappheiros, which may originally have referred to another gemstone entirely: lapis lazuli.
  • The most rare and valuable shade of sapphire is known as the padparadscha, a pinkish-orange shade named from the Sinhalese word for lotus blossom.
  • In addition to being the September birthstone, sapphire is also a traditional gift for 45th wedding anniversary.
  • Sapphire is among the strongest natural gemstones in existence, second only to the mighty diamond.
  • Sapphires are found all over the world, from Australia to Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and the United States.


Learn anything new about sapphires? Are you an September birthday with a soft spot for your birthstone, or do you have other reasons for being in love with the sapphire? What is your favorite jewelry piece for sapphire, or your preferred cut? Let us know in the comments – we’d love to get feedback from our readers and bidders alike. Until next time, good luck, and happy bidding.

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