How To: Finding Quality Police Vehicle Auctions

Just as the automotive industry steers away from cars, in order to meet the demand of SUV’s and Trucks, Police Agencies tend to do the same. The change in consumer behavior presents a new opportunity for Agencies to upgrade their fleet, and often retire cars. This could be why those on the road are seeing a change in Police presence. From the Ford Crown Victoria, to the Dodge Challenger and every make and model in between.

Since works with Police Agencies all over the country, we often receive retired fleet to add to the plethora of vehicles available for auction. If you’re just looking for parts, you can find those too, just click the Parts & Accessory tab under the Vehicles category.

Whether you’re looking for Cars, Heavy Equipment, smaller vehicles like mopeds, or parts, there is always a great opportunity to find that next vehicle. There are new auctions opening every day, so keep checking back to bid on your next great police auction!

2015 Ford Explorer | 2014 Ford Explorer | 2011 Ford Crown Victoria

Stick around to find incredible vehicle auctions from our Police Agencies and Municipalities. There are always great auto auctions live around the clock. The next winner could be you. Are you placing your bid today?

View vehicle auctions here:

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