Gemstone 101: Opals in October

Move over, September – October is here.

A popular, gorgeous form of silica, opal is a precious stone found in all kinds of rocks. How much do you know about these stones, and is there more you’d like to know? We’ve put together some fun facts – so take a read and learn something new. And be sure to tell us if you have an interesting bit of gemstone trivia that we might have missed.

A gold and diamond ring with three large opals as the primary stones

Interesting Facts about Opals

  • Opallios is the Greek word for Opals meaning “to see a change of color.” The Roman word for opal is opalus meaning “precious stone.”
  • Many believe this incredible stone is formed when water from rain seeps down into crevasses in the rock. Once the water evaporates, the silica that is left behind dries out and hardens into precious opals.
  • Boulder opal is the only type that can display the entire rainbow within one stone.
  • The more diverse in color and vibrant it is, the higher the price tag will be.
  • In addition to being October’s birthstone, Opal is associated with the zodiac signs Scorpio and Libra.
  • It is a long-held belief by many people that wearing this gemstone when it is not your birthstone can bring bad luck!

Did you learn some new information about beautiful opals? Are you an October birthday with a soft spot for your birthstone, or do you prefer a different stone?

What is your favorite opal piece, or do you just love the stunning stone as is? If you’re not a fan, let us know why not!

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Stay tuned to see exciting facts about the November birthstone! Until the next time, good luck, and happy bidding!

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