Everything Else: Find It Here

everything elseIt’s time to talk about ‘Everything Else.’

You’re certainly familiar with some of PropertyRoom.com‘s more popular categories for police auctions. You’ve seen the jewelry, you’ve seen the watches. You’ve bid on gold and silver, and you’ve bid on some Cartier and Rolex. And maybe you know of, but are slightly less familiar with, our vehicles, bikes, and fashion categories. But how familiar are you with the catchall-category of “Everything Else?”

If you aren’t familiar, you’re in for a treat.

Have you looked all over for perfume, without breaking the bank? Or maybe you’ve got small children around, and you want to scoop some toys and movies at a cheap price. This is the category for people like you, and more. You’re already winning big with jewelry and watches – why not snatch up some goodies for everyone else while you’re busy being the Bid King/Queen?

Of course, as the name implies, even if those things aren’t your thing – there’s more where they came from. Do you like to camp in warmer weather, and save on the necessary supplies? What about sports – from the warm weather golf to skateboarding? Any sort of recreational items can be found here – and they can be yours. Why pay crazy amounts when you can snag a steal?

So to all the veterans of the “Everything Else” category, you know all about the treasures to be found. And to all the newcomers: welcome! We think you’ll be browsing in this category for ages to come.

Do you consider this category to be your favorite? What’s the best item you’ve won from this mixed bag of auctions? Tell us in the comments section – we’ll celebrate your wins with you! Until next time, good luck, and happy bidding!


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