10 Reasons You Should Buy Used Engagement Rings

As humans we are intellectual beings but make irrational decisions driven by emotions. The ability to walk by faith and grow old with your best friend is one of the most cherished gifts a man or woman could ask for.  If you’re thinking about popping the big question but don’t feel you’re financially able consider shopping for used engagement rings. Here are ten reasons you should consider buying used.

They hold their value: Just like a car an engagement ring depreciates, losing 30% of its value as soon as you purchase it. Buying a used engagement ring will allow you to save money on the initial price and also the pre-owned ring will retain more of its value because purchasing new has a higher mark up than used items when it comes to jewelry. This allows you to have room to keep or sell your engagement ring after getting married.

Antique & Vintage rings have personality: Have you ever seen the movie Titanic? Rose’s ring was an antique treasure that over 100 years later had increased in its value once being rediscovered. As well it made a heck of a story… and movie. Remember love is about both the delivery and context of displaying your affection. If a college grad and a millionaire gave the same ring to their true love, the one who sacrificed the most would of course be admired more due to the length they went to show their affection. Here’s a glimpse at the used engagement ring from the movie Titanic.Titanic Used Engagement Ring

Gems and metals are billions of years old: Most of what we have is due to creating products using gems and metals from billions of years ago. If we take time to put our life’s in perspective of time were a spec in the universe. Technically all natural resources are re-purposed for different uses throughout time. Diamonds are crystals that are formed through intense pressure and heat. They are so hard that some heavy machinery use diamonds to cut through objects.

The Psychology of Marketing: The true value of any object is only what you or me is willing to pay for it. Our desires for “new” products come from marketing. Sigmund Freud is a doctor known for his many accomplishments and discoveries within psychology. As well he helped developed the basics of marketing which exploits humans subconscious mind. His theory is that irrational forces drive human beings emotions. How many shoes or pairs of pants do we really need? Why do you need a specific name brand? Next time you’re out shopping consider how brand conscious you are and ask what the difference between buying something is used versus new. Marketing is simply the ability to create a demand by manipulating the perceived value of a product or service.

Supply & Demand: The values of any product or service is tied directly to how many people want an item versus how many people are selling an item. Marketing has successfully told us to buy specific products subconsciously. By focusing on purchasing products that are less in demand you will be able to get the item for a fraction of the cost of name brands in most cases. Diamonds aren’t rare but the prices are high because large jewelry purchase them in large quantities and sell them slowly to keep them inflated. This is known as the scarcity principle.

Build On A Solid Foundation: When getting engaged and married we go through dramatic changes such as purchasing homes, cars, and having kids. With every big purchase or life events we have to make sacrifices such as spending time with kids versus hanging out with your friends and learning to put others first. Consider investing the money saved from buying an used engagement ring. Starting a savings account can be very beneficial to your kid’s future. Check out Dave Ramsey and his 7 Baby Step program. He offers advice on building a solid foundation that helps you not only get out of debt but stay out!

Peace Of Mind: As much as you love your significant other consider focusing on investing more money in your wedding ring versus your engagement ring. Take time to ask your mate how they would feel about a used engagement ring. Sometimes honesty is the best solution to gain peace of mind. Often we overanalyze situations and make them worse than they truly are. True love is kind and understanding.True Love Never EndsRemember It Could Be Worse: Buying a used engagement ring isn’t the end of the world.  Don’t take my word for it. Here’s a video of a redneck wedding reception where they mistake the EMT for cops and went out in an all-out brawl. Remember someone is all way better and worse off than you are.

Keep It In The Family: You may consider giving your mate your parents or grand parents engagement ring to keep it in the family. Some families follow this tradition. Don’t have a heirloom engagement ring? Then maybe you can start the tradition and have a cherished keepsake that passes generation to generation. Also you may consider using the stone or the band and each generation puts in a new stone or uses a new engagement ring band. This is a cool idea and can give your vintage jewelry some unique flare.

The Pursuit of Happiness: I’m guilty of always analyzing the bad things in life instead of the many blessings in front of me. Will Smith’s movie the Pursuit of Happyness did a great job of depicting the good, bad, & ugly when it comes to following our true passions. The movie is based off a true story of Chris Gardner whose wife walked out on him and how he persevered the odds while raising his child to become a large investor with only a high school education. Take time and reflect; the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental right that we have that was declared in the Declaration of Independence. I used to ponder over why it’s phrased the pursuit of happiness. The answer may surprise you but true happiness can’t be pursued but is found within ourselves. The true pursuit of happiness is found when living in the moment and enjoying those you love. Whether you buy an used engagement ring or not remember to live in the moment because time is our most scarce resource. If you decide to buy used please check us out.


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