10 Best Things About Having Pets

Pets make any day better – it’s a true fact and nobody can dispute it. We’re not too particular on which pet it is that you favor the most, whatever pet tickles your fancy is your choice.

So what exactly makes pets so great in the first place? Is it their excessive soft fur, or feathers? Is it their willingness to love you even during your worst of times? Could it be their relatively oblivious nature? Whatever your personal list – we’ve got some ideas of our own! Will you agree, disagree, or feel that we left some ideas out? Let us know in the comments!

The 10 Best Things About Pets

  1. Your pet will never make rude comments about your appearance or smell first thing in the morning. They think you look great (though some pets may employ a gentle turn of the head if your breath is new levels of offensive).
  2. Pets think you sing like an angel, hit every note perfectly, and might even sing along with you if you’ve inspired them that particular day. Don’t be offended if they leave the room while you sing – they’ve been moved to tears, and they don’t want you to see them cry.pets day
  3. No need to worry about your cooking skills – your pet knows you have a special gift that few could ever hope to possess. Most of the time, they want to pitch in as well.
  4. They might not be super good at cleaning, but your pets understand the importance of having a clean space and want to help in any way they can – from vacuuming and making the bed to rearranging the decor and general cleaning work.
  5. More likely than not, your pets have a completely different schedule than you – and they always want to include you in their activities. That means early-morning wake-up calls and mini-marathons from end of the house to the other at 4am.
  6. Every pet knows how important your hygiene is to you, and they would never want to compete with you being the best-groomed member of the household. That’s why they react so strongly when you try to bathe them.
  7. Pets don’t care how much money you have, and they’ll never judge you on your financial situation. Sure, they enjoy the finer things in life too, but your pets love you for you, not what you make.
  8. A pet is good for your health – no question about that. Everyone knows pets have their own special ways of helping their owners get on their feet and get moving. It’s because they care about you, and it’s rude to refuse their help.
  9. Pets help you make friends! Most animals are pretty adept at telling when their owner is lonely and needs company, so they do what they can to deliver. Failing that, your pets will just bring some of their own.
  10. You can’t beat unconditional love.


Why do YOU love your animals? Is there something important we left off of our list? Let us know in the comments – we’d love some feedback! Until next time, good luck, and happy bidding!


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