Which Coach bag is right for you?


Coach bags are known for their high grade leather and meticulous manufacturing.
With a lot of styles to choose from, picking the right bag for you might be hard.

Here’s a quick test to help you select the right bag for your personality!
(Take note of the letters of your answers, you’ll be needing them for the results)

1. Your favorite TV show is:
a) Lost
b) Good Morning America
c) Sex and the City
d) Gossip Girl

2. What’s inside your handbag?
a) Your cell phone and red lipstick
b) Everything you can possibly fit in there
c) A fat wallet, with credit cards spilling out
d) Your sunglasses and a compact

3. Your fashion style is best described as:
a) Casual and fun
b) Classic and comfortable
c) Urban and preppy
d) Trendy and chic

4. Your go-to Starbucks beverage is:
a) Espresso Macchiato
b) Tazo Tea
c) Skinny Vanilla Latte
d) Cinnamon Dolce Frappuccino

5. If you could only have one handbag, what color would it be?
a) Brown
b) Black
c) Red
d) Pink

If your answers are:

coach-a coach-b coach-c coach-d

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