What to do with assets we can’t accept?

While we are able to take a lot of assets off your hands, there are certain items ineligible for this service (check out the Guidelines For Asset Shipping Pick-Up for the full list). We’ve compiled a quick list of suggestions on where these assets could go.


Used Clothing

We do accept new clothing which has saleable value on the auction site, but for used clothing, we would suggest that you help out your local community and donate them to a local shelter or charity, as many of our other clients do (for example: Goodwill, Boys & Girls Clubs, and homeless shelters).

Low-end Bicycles

For low-end department store type bicycles, we would suggest helping out the youth in your area and donating these to your local charities.

E-Waste (old computer equipment)

Most older computer equipment over 5 years old is considered e-waste and should be recycled locally through a public or private recycling program.  Unfortunately, it has no saleable value on the auction site.

Office Furniture

Office furniture has little to no saleable value on the auction site as well. However, this could also be donated to local charity like Goodwill.

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