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If you’re doing an activity that restricts you to check your big phone – what you need is a smaller second screen to let you know what is going on with ease. Samsung announced its first real smart watch called the Galaxy gear in 2013.  It lets you call, send a txt message and perform various task without touching your phone and even just by using your voice. In addition to its cool features is the 1.9-megapixel camera on the Galaxy Gear’s wrist band, but did you know that the band also includes a speaker on the clasp?

The Samsung Galaxy Gear is a sleek and stylish full-metal bodied Android Smartwatch that functions by connecting to your Samsung smartphone or tablet. This gear doesn’t need any data connection to work. Instead it connects to your phone over Bluetooth, acting more as an external display so you don’t have get or walkover to your phone every time it beeps.

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