Tips From Add A Link To Your Website

How can you enhance your visibility to your assets on

It is simple! Just add a link to to your agency’s website. Assets you have sent in become more visible, and more visibility can mean more bids, which could lead to higher payouts to your agency.

3 Tips to Bring Awareness To Your Auctions

  1. Add a link to prominently on your website
  2. Add the link in multiple places on your website
    The more visibility the better. Not everyone looks in the same place, so it is a good idea to include the link in a few places to cover your bases. FAQ pages and directly on your home page are great places.
  3. Provide links to specific types of assets
    For example, do you auction Vehicles with us? Then place a link to Vehicle Auctions on and link directly to our vehicles page ( to make it easier for your visitors to see the assets they are most interested in.

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