Something Old and Something Blue


Kate Middleton’s blue sapphire engagement ring is likely the most famous engagement ring of all time.

The Duchess of Cambridge wears the ring that once decorated the finger of Princess Diana which contains an 18-carat diamond and sapphire stone, purchased in 1981 by Prince Charles.

The ring has increased in value over the years, and is now worth half a million dollars. However, no monetary amount can compete with the sentimental value of the beautiful ring, and the sweet gesture made by Prince William when he proposed with his mother’s ring.

Own something old and something blue

You can have a similarly designed ring from an estate jewelry auction. This one is set in 14K yellow gold and is embellished with 2.6-carat oval sapphire with 0.48-carat diamonds. Feel like a princess and bid HERE.

Diamond Sapphire 14K Yellow Gold



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