September’s Top Auctions by Category

We’re already two weeks into October, but you know what time it is – time to have a look back at the previous month and chat a bit about September’s Top Auctions. Most of our bidders already know, but we have thousands of auctions starting and ending throughout the month – and we’ve put together a post about our top 5 most popular auctions from our top categories, from all throughout September, from start to finish.

September’s Top Auctions by Category

Top in Jewelry

Use to find quality jewelry! From Gold to Silver and anything in between, including diamonds and even other gemstones! Be on the lookout for our special pieces that are Evaluated by our in-house Certified Gemologist – A.G.S./G.I.A.

september top auctions

What Is It?: 22k Gold 177.4g Kundan Necklace

Number of Bidders: 22

Number of Watchers: 33

Winning Bid: $4,903

Top in Watches

Bid on exciting watch auctions to fit any style. From professional to sporty, there’s a timepiece for every occasion. Here’s a hint, look for the auctions Evaluated by our in-house Certified Gemologist – A.G.S./ G.I.A.

september top auctions watch

What Is It?: Rolex DateJust 18k Gold Watch

Number of Bidders: 25

Number of Watchers: 67

Winning Bid: $7,512

Top in Fashion

Find fashion auctions from popular brands! Guess what? Auctions marked, “Doublechecked by Entrupy” come with a Certificate of Authenticity! Auctions close daily, so checkback often! 

What Is It?: Chanel Handbag

Number of Bidders: 13

Number of Watchers: 46

Winning Bid: $1,860

Top in Bikes

Whether you’re looking for a mountain bike or even a hybrid bike, you’re sure to find something to suit your needs. Take a look into this category.

What Is It?: Group Of 25+ Used Bikes

Number of Bidders: 5

Number of Watchers: 0

Winning Bid: $1,681

Top in Coins

Although coin auctions are plentiful on, you can also find gold, silver, precious metals, bullion, and more! Coin collectors can even find commemorative coins, coins from the United States Mint, and even coin collecting supplies. Take a look into this category.

What Is It?: 1798 Point 9 Wide Date Draped Bust Silver Dollar, NGC Graded VF 25

Number of Bidders: 19

Number of Watchers: 13

Winning Bid: $1,290

Were you surprised by September’s top auctions? Were there any that you feel were overlooked, or deserve a feature on this list? Let us know in the comments – we love to hear from our readers and bidders! Until next time, good luck, and happy bidding!

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