September’s Top Auctions by Category

We’re already two weeks into October, but you know what time it is – time to have a look back at the previous month and chat a bit about September’s Top Auctions. Most of our bidders already know, but we have thousands of auctions starting and ending throughout the month – and we’ve put together a post about our top 5 most popular auctions from our top categories, from all throughout September, from start to finish.

September’s Top Auctions by Category


Top in Jewelry

september top auctions

What Is It?: 22k Gold 177.4g Kundan Necklace

Number of Bidders: 22

Number of Watchers: 33

Winning Bid: $4,903.00





Top in Watches

september top auctions watch

What Is It?: Rolex DateJust 18k Gold Watch

Number of Bidders: 25

Number of Watchers: 67

Winning Bid: $7,512.00





Top in Fashion

What Is It?: Chanel Handbag

Number of Bidders: 13

Number of Watchers: 46

Winning Bid: $1,860.00


Top in Bikes


What Is It?: Group Of 25+ Used Bikes

Number of Bidders: 5

Number of Watchers: 0

Winning Bid: $1,681.00


Top in Coins

What Is It?: 1798 Point 9 Wide Date Draped Bust Silver Dollar, NGC Graded VF 25

Number of Bidders: 19

Number of Watchers: 13

Winning Bid: $1,290.00





Were you surprised by September’s top auctions? Were there any that you feel were overlooked, or deserve a feature on this list? Let us know in the comments – we love to hear from our readers and bidders! Until next time, good luck, and happy bidding!

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