Real vs. Fake Morgan Silver Dollars – The Facts

Nobody likes counterfeits – least of all us here at It’s our policy to make sure that everything we sell is the real deal – but that doesn’t mean we don’t come across some super-close fakes during processing.

Today, we’re going to talk about Morgan Dollars. They’re popular, and that means counterfeiters pump out some pretty convincing fakes. We’ve compiled an important list of Morgan Dollar facts to keep you on the up and up about Morgans, and we’ve included a video that displays the finer points between a real-deal Morgan, and one of the many fakes we’ve come across.

Morgan Silver Dollars: The Facts

  • Morgan Dollar weight is between 26.73g and 27.22g
  • Morgan Dollars are .900 silver ( 90% silver and 10% copper)
  • Officially named the Liberty Head dollar, the coin was designed by George T. Morgan (Assistant Engraver, later the Chief Engraver)
  • Morgan Dollars have a reeded edge, which are small parallel lines
  • Over a 1/4 million of older Morgan dollars were melted down to mint 1921 Morgan dollars. 
  • D is for Denver, S is for San Francisco, O is for New Orleans, CC is for Carson City, and P is for Philadelphia. A coin without a mint mark means it was also minted in Philadelphia (which is the case for the Morgan dollar).
  • Morgans took a break for awhile – they were minted every year from 1878 to 1904, and then ceased minting for 17 years, starting back up in 1921.

Want to see some cool differences between real Morgans and fakes? Check out our video below, and get informed:

Did you learn some useful information about Morgan Silver Dollars? Did we miss any important distinctions you’ve noticed between real ones and fakes? Let us know in the comments – we’d love feedback from our readers and bidders! In the meantime, good luck, and happy bidding!


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