1859 Silver NGC Slabbed PF-58 J-241 Pollock 297 Half Dollar Pattern Coin



A pattern coin is a coin struck by the U.S. Mint for the purpose of evaluating a proposed coin design, and is not meant for circulation. They are among the rarest coins ever struck at the U.S. Mint, they are collected or studied by many coin collectors because of their sometimes highly elaborate designs.The “French Head” Liberty design for the Half Dollar, paired with a reverse that has 50 CENTS surrounded by a cereal wreath.

A French influence is clearly seen in the design of this obverse; Lady Liberty is adorned by a wreath of leaves. The reverse has the standard agricultural wreath symbolizing rural America.

Struck in silver with a reeded edge; and is an exquisite specimen with reflective fields and consistent medium gray-mauve patina. The head is by James B. Longacre, whose steady hand and classical training as a die engraver, gives it a firm, balanced composition. The handsome Longacre “cereal wreath” is comprised of cotton, tobacco, sugar cane, corn, wheat and oak leaves. This is the second design of a cereal wreath created by the Mint’s chief engraver, 1844-69.

It is very scarce with a rarity index of 4 – only 65 pieces are known to exist.




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