Over 3,500 Firearms Cleared Out And Proceeds Sent Back


  • Our client was worried about cleaning out their on-site property room – they were running out of storage space, and other businesses didn’t have enough manpower or space to help them with their backlog.
  • State law requires them to auction all firearms assets – so they had to find a feasible solution.


  • PropertyRoom.com explained our safe, secure, fast & easy Firearms Auction Services and the value it could bring to the client.
  • More than capable of clearing out a lot of assets at once, and this was available as a no-cost solution.
  • PropertyRoom.com’s partnership with leading online firearms auction site, eGunner.com (FFL to FFL), also played a big role in getting everything moving quickly.


  • As a result of our client using PropertyRoom.com’s Firearms Auction Services, more than 3,500 firearms were cleared out of their property & evidence storage room.
  • Additionally, over 2,000 of those firearms were auctioned off in 2018 alone, and the remaining firearms will be cleared through.

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