Jewelry & Watch Sorting – The Inside Scoop

Here at, we care as much as you do about your jewelry and watches. We all know that these categories tend to be some of the most popular ones on the site. So what steps do we take to make sure your assets have the best chance at bringing in great returns?

  1. We sort through all jewelry and watches, and we run everything with metal through a spectrometer to check for higher-value metals: gold, silver, etc.
  2. After checking the metals, we set aside ones that look like they could be particularly valuable. These will be evaluated separately from the others.
  3. All jewelry and watches are sorted into lots, with the nicer-looking or potentially more-valuable items usually being in a lot of their own.
  4. Everything is imaged, making sure to catch every angle of an item so a potential bidder doesn’t miss any important details.
  5. After breaking items into lots and imaging all of them, the item descriptions are written up and everything is ready for auction! Sometimes, these items will be included in special marketing promotions, such as emails, videos, or our weekly Steal of the Day Deals.

Do you have questions about the jewelry and watch process, or concerns we should be aware of? As always, please feel free to reach out to our Client Success team at or call 866.799.3551.

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