It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s a Helicopter?

Auctioning a Helicopter was an exciting addition to’s Hall of Fame. Here is an overview of how we auctioned a 1989 Bell Helicopter 206B III. Learn how we can successfully auction other large assets on behalf of our clients.


One of our clients, NY-DCAS, had a helicopter in great condition and maintained impeccably which was used for mosquito control in the past.

With a new asset coming in to replace it, the agency needed to send it to auction quick. Since this helicopter had a FAA Registry Certificate that was valid through 5/31/2022, and had multiple systems already installed like, TracMap Flight 3, Isolair 4500-206E, and Isolair 390-206’ Innovator II, we were excited to get this asset ready for auction.


We ran a two week in-place auction for the helicopter, with full marketing support.

In addition to marketing this auction to our current bidder base, we utilized email and social media channels from a leading online resource for the Helicopter Industry. We also posted in a targeted Helicopters for Sale group on Facebook to send potential bidders to the auction. Personal calls were made to interested parties, a mass email was sent to our bidders, social
post, and a homepage banner was also used to drive traffic to the auction.


The auction closed at $275,000 plus buyer’s premium and was cleared on the first auction.

We had a total of 14 active bidders with a total of 86 bids. 130 registered bidders put the auction on their ‘watch list,’ which means they received email notifications about what’s going on. The auction was extended past the scheduled time because of a bidding war between a few of the top bidders. Because we took care of the auction process, handled customer support, collecting payment, and coordinating pickup, our client was able to focus on their duties with minimal interruption.

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