How to Work with Us

When you come to, you get connected with an organization well known for experience and professionalism amongst law enforcement agencies nationwide. 

Our clients send us a manifest which includes names and quantities of assets ready to be shipped. This is where our side of Chain of Custody begins.

We schedule a pickup of the assets at their location, on their time, so it’s easy and convenient.

Then we scan the manifest and assets to make sure it’s all there. In every step of the auction process, we scan the assets to ensure full transparency for the client and allowing them to see how we do what we do.

Each asset is then evaluated piece by piece to ensure maximum dollar return. High-value assets may be evaluated by a third-party specialist in order to clearly describe the asset in the auction listing and maximize the return of the piece.

Inspect, clean, repair (as needed for high value assets), sort, and digitally photograph each asset for auction.After the asset is prepared, it is loaded onto the auction platform. AWe increase visibility with our marketing efforts, handle customer support questions and issues, and process payments once the auction closes.

We package and ship assets from our warehouse directly to buyers.

Lastly, a check is mailed monthly to your department and we close the transaction on AgencyWeb for the complete audit history.

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