How to Get a Great Deal on Stolen Goods

Who wouldn’t want to get a deal and purchase items at a fraction of the retail price? There sales and discounts are all around us. Were constantly being marketed to, there’s even a day dedicated to just to get bargains on electronics and other products (we’re all ready for Black Friday!). Many of us would gladly take advantage of the low price offers, especially now that most of them are happening online. Retailers make it very convenient, with just a few clicks on a button you can get a new pair of shoes, a new gadget or even a new vehicle! But did it ever cross your mind to look for great deal on stolen goods?

Great Deal on Stolen Goods

Stolen goods for sale at a fraction of the retail price –is it really a good deal?

As an online police auction site, we help out law enforcement agencies clear up their property rooms, which are comprised of unclaimed stolen, seized and surplus goods. These products go through months of searching for their owners. If they can’t be returned by the agency any more, they go up for auction. This is the only time where we can say that we can get a great deal out of stolen goods. Tough-to-find products are usually found among these seized and stolen goods and just in case you found your lost or stolen belongings in one of our listings, you can get it back by just letting us know by contacting us.

Great Deal on Stolen Goods


But BEWARE! We’re not the only ones who are selling stolen goods. Other robbers, pick-pockets and burglars would try to sell their stolen stuff online, too. According to one police department, the top stolen products are: tablets, smartphones, jewelry, bikes and home entertainment systems. They usually go for a very low price and they could be pretty tempting – most people are lured by the great bargain they’re getting. However, if it’s not a safe buy, are those savings really worth it if it means you getting into something illegal?

Stolen goods for sale at a fraction of the retail price – still a great deal? Absolutely!

If, and only if, it is from an authorized seller. This is for you to avoid possible criminal liabilities indirectly and most especially, to not get ripped off.

Great Deal on Stolen Goods

Here are some tips on how you could turn a steal into the real steal-of-a-deal:

#1 Background investigation

Great Deal on Stolen GoodsBuying stolen goods could mean a great bargain… Under all circumstances do your research. If you are having doubts about the product you are eyeing to buy, then there’s a need for you to start investigating. I believe in always following my gut feeling. You must check everything before coming up with a decision that you might regret afterwards. To avoid getting ripped off, it is important to check the background of the product, and of course, the seller as well. The seller must have a reputable background like online police auction sites that are permitted by law to do such transactions. Here on we suggest you read all the details about each product before making a purchase decision.

#2 How are the goods doing?
Once you’ve eyed a steal that you fancy, check the item description. See if the product is still on a working condition or not, brand new or used, with heavy scratches or in a pristine quality. It is always a great practice to do a quality check on what you’re buying. If it’s not in workng condition make sure you have the resources to fix it .

Great Deal on Stolen Goods

FACT: Some stolen gadgets like smartphones and tablets are locked with passwords and are blocked by telecoms once they are reported as stolen. Knowing the serial number or any reference that you can get to double check if the product is still functional is a must, to ensure that you will get what you will be paying for.

#3 Check the market price of the product you wish to buy

Great Deal on Stolen GoodsYou should check the market value of a product when you want to catch a great deal for a certain product. Considering the market value for a certain product will give you an idea for a specific price point once it is being re-sold by other sellers. Items that are stolen are usually sold half of their price or sometimes 70-80% less the market price. Seeing $50-$150 price for a luxury watch or a diamond ring is questionable which isn’t a great deal and could cause you legal consequences unknowingly.

#4 Know the red flags

With loads and loads of online sellers, you would not easily distinguish which ones are legitimate sellers from thieves-who-would-want-to-dispose-of-their-stolen-goods-online.
Great Deal on Stolen Goods

Here are some red flags that you need to be aware of:

  • If the seller asks you to pay with an untraceable money wire or doesn’t accept credit cards or PayPal
  • If there is no information or detail in the listing, just a plain statement or name of the product
  • If it is indeed a stolen product (after your investigation on the serial number) and the seller does not indicate so

#5 Be a wise buyer

Great Deal on Stolen GoodsIt is best to be careful than to regret everything afterwards – even if it means you getting an Hermès bag or a PS4 for half of the retail price. A lot of great deals on stolen goods are now accessible online, just ensure that you are getting the product from a credible source or a seller.

Online sites that received an A+ grade from Better Business Bureau and accredited by police departments are the ones you should be looking for if you are looking for that great steal.

#6 Track those steals down!

We already said it, we auction off stolen goods, unclaimed and authentic goods! How to find out which of the hundreds of auctions listed on our site daily are from law enforcement agencies? Filter them out!

You can do this by just going to one of the category pages that you’d like to browse (i.e. Jewelry), on the left side of the screen you’d see a Seller filter option and click on the “Police & Other Clients” tick box and voila, all goods from different law enforcement property rooms across the country are now at your fingertips.

Great Deal on Stolen Goods

Property rooms at law enforcement agencies can be a treasure trove of all kinds of things. Everything could be here – from the latest high-end gadget to the most vintage piece of jewelry – and they could all be yours just by checking back regularly at our auctions.

Begin bidding for stolen goods and getting a steal-of-a-deal by registering HERE.

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