Flashback Friday: Home Alone Fun Facts

Every 90s kid and kid at heart surely remembers “Kevin,” in the movie Home Alone. An 8-year old kid who was accidentally left at home by his family on a vacation. He then encountered two burglars who attempted to rob their house but failed to do so because he was able to push them away by doing messy traps and child-like tricks.

Aside from the story and the entertainment that the movie has brought to us, you probably missed something from this holiday classic movie.

Here are 5 fun and interesting facts that you probably didn’t know about Home Alone:

1. Home Alone was released in November of 1990, but did you know that it was in theater for months?
For 12 weeks Home Alone was ranked the number 1 box office film. The comedy film is on Guinness Book of World Records as the “Highest Box Office Gross – Comedy” earning a staggering $533,000,000 worldwide.


2. Macaulay Culkin (who played as Kevin) got the scar on his finger because of the bite scene.
In the scene where Joe Pesci (who played Harry, one of the burglars) bites Kevin’s finger, he actually bit Macaulay Culkin leaving a scar on his finger.


3. Do you remember the guy behind Kevin’s mom in the airport? There was a conspiracy that Elvis Presley is still alive and he was the heavy bearded guy in the background.

What do you think?

4. John Candy (who played Gus), the guy who offered a ride for Kevin’s mom at the airport actually filmed all his part in the movie in 1 day, 23 long hours to be exact.Facts about Home Alone

Can you imagine that?

5. This is the fun part. Did you know that Angels with Filthy Souls is not an actual movie?
The excerpt of the movie which was used by Kevin to fool the burglars was actually made just for this movie. That’s not it, Angels with Even Filthier Souls was the sequel of this fictional movie which was also used in Home Alone 2.


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