Gold Nuggets: Rarer than Diamonds


Yes, you read it correctly. Gold nuggets are now more rare than diamonds.

While almost all diamonds ever found have been retained, almost all gold nuggets found prior to 1990 have been melted down and processed into coins or bars or were used to make jewelry.

As the quantity of gold nuggets decrease, the demand to it continues to increase. In the past 20 years many people have started to collect and hoard natural gold nuggets. But are they good investments? Quite simply — yes, they certainly are! Why?

Gold nuggets are worth much more than the standard gold value.

Whether you’re just starting to collect or already have a collection, this genuine Idaho gold nugget is a great deal for you! It is in an ideal size, weighing approximately 0.65 grams.

Pro Tip: Getting small size nuggets are actually better investments since it is faster to resell! It’s much easier to find buyers for nuggets worth a few hundred of dollars than a nugget that cost several thousands. 

Make this your new worthy investment. BID HERE (bonus: Shipping is FREE!)


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