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“The West Memphis Police Department needed to replace the body armor for twenty SWAT officers but did not have the funding for this purchase. Auctioning seized weapons through enabled us to purchase almost $40,000 in SWAT body armor and also helped us clear those weapons from our evidence vault.”
-Robert Langston, Assistant Chief of Police


The West Memphis Police Department had a backlog of firearms that needed to go up for auction, but at the same time, had a lack of funding to procure new supplies.


  • explained how our Firearms Service works and the value it could bring to West Memphis.
  • With available resources, is more than capable of clearing out a lot of assets at once, and this was available as a no-cost solution.
  • Firearms Auction Services offered the chance to Earn With Proceeds or Dollar-for-Dollar Credit for LE gear.


As a result of West Memphis using’s Firearms Services, they were able to auction off their firearms and procure SWAT body armor using Dollar-for-Dollar credit.

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