Easier Way of Leaving Refrigerator Notes


We have all been there!

You write a note to your kids (or someone else in the house) asking them to unload the dishwasher only to come home and find NOTHING was done! Their excuse?

a) They never saw the note — maybe that flimsy note has slipped away onto the floor, never to be read or thought of again; OR

b) They can’t read the scribbles!

So forget jotting down notes or even fumbling around for a pen and a paper. Instead, create memos for yourself, family members, friends, or even delivery personnel with a video recorder.


From Halo, comes a video messenger with 1.5″ diagonal TFT true-color LCD screen, offering good video quality with high resolution. A built-in camera and microphone ensures your message is received clearly. And then a speaker conveys it in the same manner. It’s easy to use — with just one touch, record and play up to three 60-second messages. LED buttons indicate if there’s a new recording to view. And a magnet on the back adheres the recorder to the refrigerator, screen door, or other magnetic surfaces.

Think of all the things you leave notes for: Grocery lists, chores, reminders, to-do lists, even small thinking-of-you notes!

You’ve seen those incredibly expensive “smart” refrigerators with their built-in message centers; they cost thousands of dollars — this one’s definitely a bargain. Bid for it HERE.


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