Bright Future for Large Diamonds

5 images of diamonds showing size and clarity

The Hall of Fame gained two more entries. One 15.1 Carat
Loose Diamond and one 5.19 Carat Loose Diamond, both certified by GIA,
made their way off of the auction block and into the hands of a lucky bidder.
Read how we were able to successfully auction these uniquely sized stones.


We needed to auction two large diamonds for a Client without a clear time frame.
One of our Clients had a 15.1 Carat Loose Diamond and a 5.19 Carat Loose Diamond sent to
us, with intentions to auction. Shortly after, we were notified that the auction had to be put
on hold. After we got authorization, we auctioned them for our client.


We launched a two week auction supported by a multifaceted marketing plan.

These two auctions were marketed to not only our bidderbase, but a handcrafted list of
potential bidders, jewelry dealer organizations, and targeted digital marketing campaigns
including ads on Google and Facebook. To support the auctions on, we
created a landing page with pertinent information on each auction, homepage banner, a pop
up on our jewelry categories, a targeted email to interested bidders, and a social post.


212 users put these auctions on their ‘Watch List’, which means that they received email
notifications for the duration of the auctions. Those emails kept the customers engaged and
encouraged bidding. There was a late auction bidding war and these diamonds collected a
total of 596 bids.

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