5 Mac Hacks for your Documents…PDF problems, anyone?

Apple claims that they have the world’s most advanced desktop operating system. Their computers are easy to use, beautiful to look at, and engineered powerfully. It comes with an amazing collection of apps for the things you do every day.

But other than apps, we found some “hidden” features that are standard Mac functionality to make your everyday documenting / typing / or whatever it is you need to do a whole lot easier — and yes, they are standard Mac features, no additional software or app needed to be installed!

#1 Sign PDFs with pen, paper and a webcam

A very handy feature is Preview’s ability to sign digital documents, even if you don’t have a digital signature yet. Just sign a white piece of paper and hold it next to your webcam. This will turn your boring old-school signature into a really cool digital one.

#2 Annotate PDFs with the default software

Besides signing documents, Preview also allows you to annotate them in any way you want. You can add your own text, comments, highlight text etc.

#3 Built-in Mac emoji

In case you didn’t know, OS X comes with built in emoji. Like the ones you have in iOS. Simply press ctrl+⌘+space to open the special characters window and choose the one you need!

#4 Quickly close or hide lots of running apps

To close a lot of running apps, simply hold ⌘+tab, keep holding ⌘ and keep “tabbing” through the apps. As soon as you reach the app you want to close or hide, press wither Q to quit or H to hide the app.

#5 Move selected text to create a new text file

Select text anywhere, click & hold and move it where you need to create a net text file with the selected text inside.

These 5 Mac hacks are just for documents; there are a whole lot more for other tasks (i.e. installing Windows on a Mac). And there’s only one way to find out more about it — get a Mac!


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