160 GB of storage? Wow! That’s 40,000 songs!






Remember when you had to play songs on your Walkman and had tons of CDs or tapes? Well, those days are long gone thanks to Apple and the iPod. Now you can play all your favorite songs with just one hand.

The large capacity of the Classic, which allows people to store thousands of songs without having to sign up to a website and pay a subscription fee, made it all more popular.Packed with user friendly interface and great battery life, they have dominated the mp3 player market ever since.

Apple has discontinued all versions of iPod classic last October 2014. Now the demand for this well loved music and video player is vastly increasing. Tech geeks and audiophiles are trying hard to get hold of the last of the 7th generation models. Are you one of them? Better hurry, get it before they’re all gone.



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