Watch Auctions with Just a Click

Monitoring active online auctions can be tedious – checking the auctions from time to time, keeping your computer on for a long time, and not leaving it just for you to catch up. That’s where the Watch List comes in place — enabling you to watch auctions with just a click.

You can now easily monitor an active auction with just a click of a button. Watch an auction you’re eyeing in a hassle-free way – no more lingering in front of the computer and no rushing to bid if you are still just window shopping.

How does it work?

Watch List allows bidders to view all of their preferred and selected items in one central area even without participating in the bidding process.

  1. Go to an auction you’d like to watch, click Add to Watch List and it will automatically be added to your Watch List Directory. (Remember: You have to be logged in on your account to do this)WatchList1
  2. Navigate through items on your Watch List effortlessly. From “My Account” tab, click Watch List and a page will show up where you can see all of the auctions you have added – current and even past auctions will be there.Benefits:
    • Previous auctions can be used as price comparisons for newly opened auctions
    • Never miss a bid activity on a current auction that you are eyeingWatchList2
  3. Too many auctions on your Watch List? Clean it up by a) selecting the item on you Watch List page and clicking on delete; or b) going to the product auction page and clicking on the “Remove from Watch List” button.WatchList3WatchList4

So the next time you’d want to win an auction, there’s no need for you to worry. Just watch them carefully, in a hassle-free way.

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