The Gold Standard for fuel economy: Toyota Prius


2008 Toyota Prius

In City: 48 mpg

On Highways: 45 mpg

Combined: 46 mpg


With stats like that, the 2008 Prius is really one of, if not the, most fuel efficient car of the year of its release.


All the more, these are other reasons why you should consider getting this car:

1. Comfortable – Prius seating is roomy enough to fit your family or your friends.

2. Green – Hybrid cars produce about 90% fewer smog-forming tailpipe line emissions compared with brand new cars.

3. Cool Car – Owning a hybrid car is definitely a conversation starter. Also, a lot of celebrities are said to be driving one too like Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, Larry David, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

4. Tax Credits – The U.S. government is committed to pursuing cleaner energy alternatives that some buyers of hybrid vehicles can qualify for income tax credits and although these vary by state.

5. No Electric Bill Shock – Hybrid electric cars use less grid power than full electric vehicles, and both can be cheaper on a monthly basis when you take savings on gas into account.

6. Stress-Free – While you still need gas to power on your car, you’ll need a lot less of it so rising gas prices won’t be a concern.

7. Save Time – Emissions tests can be a real time-sink but with a hybrid car, you may even be exempt!

8. Affordable Cost – While hybrids can be quite expensive, we’ve got a deal for you…Since it’s up for bid, you could get this car for much less than you expected!

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