The Adam Levine Way

Sometimes, it takes guts and courage just to achieve success and be on top of the mountain like your favorite artist or celebrity. Waking up on a Sunday Morning for some errands or wanting to have moves like Jagger?

For Adam Levine, the famous vocalist of Maroon 5 and judge of the Voice, it was not easy to achieve the success and prominence he has right now. His first few years as a musician were tough ones. It took him nearly 10 years of experimentation with big failures before he finally had it. Maroon 5’s debut album, “Songs About Jane” in 2002 was composed of Adam’s written songs for his ex-girlfriend.

Despite the failures, Adam did not give up and was able to achieve the pinnacle of his career. His achievements and failures provided him with inspiration which in turn helped him gain popularity, sell out concerts, have platinum albums, hit the no.1 spot on Billboard top 100 and judging an internationally recognized talent search. He’s one of the celebrities that had an exceptional run in the industry as we have on this generation.

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