Show Your Infinite Love

feb28infinityInfinite Love

The symbol for infinity which is like the number 8 turned on its side, is technically called the lemniscate. It was first introduced during the seventeenth century by John Wallis, a mathematician, who wanted to create a symbol to represent the idea of infinity – a sum that is larger than any number that can ever be created.

Infinity jewelry is an extremely popular fashion trend today. The meaning behind it is actually quite beautiful, symbolizing forever, powerful, and everlasting love. As friendship and love are perpetual features of all mankind, the term is well suited for the individuals who exchange the symbol in any form with their loved ones.

Receiving an infinity bracelet indicates an expression of wanting a long lasting relationship between two individuals. It is a great expression of love to a partner, a friend, and even relationship as parents and kids.

Do you have someone special in mind to give an infinity bracelet to? This 14K gold infinity bracelet with diamond accents is up for auction.


Let someone know your infinite and everlasting love for them.



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