Client Wins

If you are wondering, “How can help me?” we’d like to share a couple of examples from actual clients.

With our Firearms Auction Services, we were able to help our client, the West Memphis Police Department, replace the body armor for twenty SWAT officers.

The West Memphis Police Department needed to replace the body armor for twenty SWAT officers but did not have the funding for this purchase. Auctioning seized weapons through enabled us to purchase almost $40,000 in SWAT body armor and also helped us clear those weapons from our evidence vault,” said Robert Langston, Assistant Chief of Police.

Our Dollar-for-Dollar Credit with, allows clients who auction off their seized, stolen, abandoned, and service firearms, ammunition, and accessories to use the credit to purchase anything on

The City of Houston had a problem managing their surplus vehicles on a day to day basis. The backlog was growing, and this client had to manage everything manually. We helped them solve this problem by offering them our Platinum Auction Services, secure towing to an off-site auction yard, access to a broad, online, and international bidder base, and the automation of the entire auction process.

Frank Carmody, Deputy Director of Administration and Regulatory Affairs for the City of Houston says, “We had been looking for a better solution for auctioning our surplus fleet vehicles, and’s full-service model fit our needs. We could not be happier with the choice. The roll out went smoothly, they are selling our vehicles quickly, and the city is making more money.”

While sorting assets, at one of our Processing Centers, one of our employees discovered a 2004 Athens Paralympics ring along with another Paralympic ring which seemed to belong to Nick Taylor. We then contacted Wichita Police Department, and they got in contact with the individual who was missing them.

Mr. Taylor stated, “Over the summer, some irreplaceable items were stolen from me.  They were items from different Paralympic Games that I had the honor of competing in. To be honest, after about two weeks after they were stolen, I gave up all hope that I would I ever see the items again. I never dreamt that I would get the call telling me the items had been found by the folks at I am forever grateful to them for returning these items to me, and I certainly hope they can help others that have to go through the same thing I did.”

In just these three examples, we’ve shown how our relationships with partners make it simple to auction off different types of assets as well as how closely we work with our clients. From Firearms, to Fleet and Portables, we get it done. When we do our job, it helps our clients do their jobs. Our simple and unique process of auctioning off assets means our clients have more time on their hands to do what’s really important – Protect and Serve. We are proud to be a platform that’s convenient and transparent with their online auctions. While protecting Chain of Custody, we evaluate and ensure each item gets the maximum bid so our clients can get the maximum benefits.

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