Pack & Ship Option – A Fast And Safe Solution To Get Firearms To Auction


Our client was facing a challenge that shouldn’t be unfamiliar to a lot of police departments: they were running out of room, and didn’t have enough manpower to work through the backlog that was rapidly filling their allotted storage space.


  • We gave our client the details on how our safe, secure, fast & easy Firearms Auction Services works and the value it could bring to them.
  • Our Firearms Auction Service is more than capable of clearing out all the assets they had acquired, available as a no-cost solution. Additionally, since they were already a Property & Evidence client with, taking advantage of the Firearms Auction Services was an easy addition to their existing contract.


  • As a result of the hard work between our client and’s Firearms Auction Services, over 1,000 guns have been sold.
  • Our client has also made use of’s Pack & Ship option for an ongoing, easy solution to any more firearms that end up in their possession.

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