Meet our ShopKeeper: Arik Brothers

We are happy to announce a new ShopKeeper that will bring more deals! Here at, we always strive to find merchants of quality products, Arik Brothers is no different.

Since 1973, Isa Arik had an eye for design and the finer things in life. At a young age, he saw the beauty and could easily define quality in all goods — his passion lead him to sourcing and designing fine jewelry. He quickly developed a reputation for providing the finest quality handcrafted jewelry, with the utmost detail; only choosing the highest quality diamonds, gemstones and gold to craft his jewelry and to this day has not sacrificed quality in any way.

The vision and determination of Isa is what launched Arik Brothers – owned by his sons. For over 40 years, even in the second generation of the family business, not much has changed; they still continue providing the superb quality and service their father built.

Exquisite Engagement Rings
Arik Brothers’ Story

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