Maximizing the use of your SD Card

Storage devices nowadays are a must-have peripheral for media, gaming and productivity. The SD card is one of the most popular — not to mention, portable — storage device that emerged. It is loved by everyone because of the compact design, speed and durability.

But did you know that SD cards are not limited to cameras and smartphones? Here are some hacks/facts on SD cards:

  1. Power up your old Digital Picture Frames
    Most digital picture frames use SD cards or USB drives for added storage; and if you already have one, a spare SD card would be a perfect complement to the frame’s internal storage (if it even has any).

    Photo frame

  2. Save your Personal Computer by Creating a Boot Drive
    An 8 GB SD card can be used to boot your computer. You can create a bootable Windows or OSX installer. Both Windows and OSX make it pretty easy to do this, but if you really want to go all out, try installing Linux on that SD card instead. Pop your SD card on your system and you’re good to go.


  1. Create some Geek Accessories
    Like thumb drives, SD cards can also be a wearable data storage because they’re small, lightweight and durable. You have a lot of choices, perhaps the best option is to put it on a necklace lanyard or holder which lets you keep the card accessible at all times.
Mini Pouch 

Now that you are in the loop, you won’t look at your SD card in the same way as before. Bid on a SanDisk 8GB SD card now.

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